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So you’re going on a fabulous trip to Tokyo and you’re aiming to get the most out of your time? Let us help you when it comes to planning your Akihabara Trip, one of Tokyo’s most special and unique sights with thousands of fans all over the world. After all, our whole Akihabara Explorer website is dedicated to this fantastic neighbourhood, so we’re confident we can be of some help!

Akihabara’s shopping district is a huge area, so keep that in mind. Consequently, it’s impossible to visit absolutely all of the shops it has to offer on a single day, so it is a good idea to plan the visit in advance. Moreover, most of the interesting shops are not located on the ground floor, but maybe on the 5th floor or the basement of a regular looking building, making them very easy to miss. After all, this is Japan!

One good way to start planning your trip is to think about your main interests and browse the most interesting related shops using Akihabara Explorer’s categories. From the home page you can click on any of the main categories and take a look at the results.

Akihabara Explorer: Shop Categories
Akihabara Explorer: Shop Categories

Please note that the categories shown on Akihabara Explorer’s homepage are the most searched ones, but we have a few more which can be  consulted by using the search toolbar.

Plan your trip to Akihabara
Akihabara Explorer’s Search Bar

Understanding the results

Among the results you will probably find a few spots which match your likings and want to take a look on your trip to Akihabara. Take good note of their name and their position on Akihabara’s map. After a few searches, you will probably have a good amount of shops to visit, but don’t forget about where to eat! Even if Akihabara is considered as a geek spot, it has hundreds of restaurants worthy of a visit.

Once you have decided where to go on your trip to Akihabara, just plan a walking tour following the destinations. A good idea is to walk along Chuo Dori, the main street, and visit the shops to its right ride on the way from the station. On the way back, you can do the same but walking along the alleys located to the left  of Chuo Dori. This way you will be able to make the most out of your time, getting to see all the places of your personal interest during your time in Akihabara.

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