Akizuki Denshi

秋月電子通商 秋葉原店

Akizuki Denshi is one of Akihabara’s longest standing electronics shop, as well as a Japanese manufacturer of boards and components. In this shop one will find all sorts of electronic parts used for circuit creation, such as condensers, resistances, diodes, led or seven segments displays, as well as all the necessary tools to assemble them, such as multimeters, precision screwdrivers, solders and measuring instruments.

Besides pure electronic parts, Akizuki Denshi also carries a vast selection of more computer and audio / video oriented parts, aimed to those constructing DIY (Do it Yourself) computer accessories and mods. This range from midi interfaces, speakers, joysticks, USB boards and wireless components, to more complete and ready to use devices such as raspberry pi and arduino boards.

Even though most of the items sold at Akizuki Denshi are very specific, this is a shop is open to amateur and consumer levels costumers and not only professionals. In fact, one can usually find useful items and popular gadget accessories sold at the front door. Shop clerks attend in Japanese, but are extremely helpful providing information about any item which is being searched for. Just try to remember the technical name of the item you’re searching for!

Apart from the physical shop in Akihabara, Akizuki Denshi also offers most of their products via an online shop on their website.

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  1. I always drop by...

    If I have little time for a side trip to Akiabara, this store is where I go straight too. Great selection, helpful people (I do not speak Japanese), I always end up buying more than I thought I would. Price are in the same range as the other stores.

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