Mandarake Complex

まんだらけ 模型店

Mandarake Complex is a vintage manga, toys, anime, merchandise and video game chain store, which has shops distributed all over Japan. Their slogan is «The Rulers of Time» as all around the country they probably have the biggest stock of  vintage collectibles and they also sell worldwide. Here costumers will find all sorts of second hand merchandise, video games and comics, ranging from the 60’s to present day products.

The Akihabara Mandarake Complex is one of their biggest shops, featuring a total of 7 floors served by two elevators. There is a cashier on each floor and the products are distributed as follows:

  • 1F-Buyback Center
  • 2F-Gallery Sale, Dolls and Cosplay
  • 3F-Manga and magazines
  • 4F-Doujin for Men
  • 5F-Doujin for Women
  • 6F-CD, DVD & Video Games
  • 7F-Toys and trading cards
  • 8F-Toys
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