Robot Shop Akihabara


Robot Shop Akihabara

Robot Shop Akihabara is a robot enthusiast oriented store by Vstone, a Japanese company focused on domestic robot production, where customers will find all sorts of products related to robot models. These include both pre-constructed designs, which are sold ready for use, as well as DIY (do it yourself) robotic kits, which need to be assembled at home. In both cases, the products sold in Robot Shop Akihabara range from easy to understand, begginer and educative models, which are usually pretty affordable, to complex and sophisticated high tech products, which can be very expensive and impressive.

Besides robot-exclusive parts and components, Robot Shop also carries a few more general oriented electronic devices, such as Arduino boards and kits. In robotic environments, these are used for programming routines and injecting code to the Robot’s processing units. Other related tools and parts, such as electric motors, measuring tools and batteries can also be found here.

If you’re a robot enthusiast or are curious about them, don’t miss the chance to stop by this shop, since they usually have a few working models on display. To keep up with the latest models sold in Robot Shop Akihabara, be sure to follow Vstone’s updates on twitter.

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