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Super Potato Akihabara is a second hand retro gaming chain shop, which is originally from Osaka’s Den Den Town. It hosts one of Akihabara’s most impressive retro gaming stock in a single shop, where one can literally find almost any game and console he can be looking for, from the MSX, Master System and Famicom 8-bit era, to the more modern PlayStation, Sega Saturn and Dreamcast generation. Super Potato Akihabara also sells all sorts of vintage gaming related official merchandise, such as Nintendo plushes, keychains and figures. These include used old items as well as newer collections.

All products found by Super Potato are guaranteed to be in fully working condition, both those complete and incomplete, and even some of them are sold as new old stocks. The amount of boxed and complete products aimed to high level collectors is really impressive, but prices for these are usually on the steep side (don’t miss the insanely prized collectibles locked in display cabinets!). Cheaper prized «cart-only» games in gamer condition can also be found here though.

Even if buying retro games is not a priority, a visit to Super Potato Akihabara is always worth the time if only to take a look at their giant collection of vintage video game. Taking pictures is allowed inside the shop and their staff is really helpful and friendly. One can also enjoy old arcade games in an an old school atmosphere of the top floor.

Super Potato is located features 3 floors, from 3F to 5F, with a small retro arcade centre in the 5th floor, 8 and 16 bit games and consoles in the 3rd floor and more modern retro games in the 2nd floor.

3F-Used Games and Retro Games
4F-Retro Games, merchandise, strategy guides and video game music
5F-Retro Arcade game centre

  • 3F
  • Used Items

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