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What are you interested in? Akihabara is home to hundreds of shops, restaurants and entertainment centres of different specialities. Browse hundreds of entries by using the most popular categories listed below or refine your search using the top search bar. Make the most out of your trip to Tokyo with our hand crafted Akihabara Guide.

See How It Works Most of the shops in Akihabara are located around the main street to the west of the train station, named Chuo Dori. While big name department stores and duty free shops, such as Yodobashi Camera and Sofmap, can easily be found in big buildings along Chuo Dori, a network of hundreds of smaller independent shops scattered in the surrounding alleys capture the unique atmosphere of Akihabara and are probably the best place to get a good deal. With Akihabara Explorer, the ultimate Akihabara Guide, you will easily be able to find everything the neighbourhood has to offer.

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Either if you're visiting Akihabara for the first time as a touristic spot or you're here on a mission to find something, let us discover amazing spots hidden from the main streets which we're sure you'll absolutely love.

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