Tokyo Leisure Land


Tokyo Leisure Land

Tokyo Leisure Land is an arcade video game centre located west of Akihabara Station’s Electric Town Exit, along Chuo Line’s rail tracks and in front of Mulan Akiba.  Unlike other arcade video game centres in the neighbourhood, such as Taito Hey or Try’s  Amusement Tower, Tokyo Leisure Land is mainly focused on present generation arcade games and, therefore, no retro gaming titles are usually found in their selection of machines.

Leisure Land has 5 floors dedicated to entertainment. As it’s common in these centres, the ground floor is dedicated exclusively to prize games, such as UFO (crane) machines, Purikura (photo booths) and other kinds of medal games. The other 4 floors are dedicated entirely to video games, but divided according to their theme. The floor distribution is the following:

  • 2F: Music Games. This floor essentially includes classic rhythm games, such as Pop ‘n Music, Beat Mania, Tiako no Tatsujin and DDR series.
  • 3F: Fighting Games.  This is a fighting oriented floor, which has titles from the Arcana Heart series, Guilty Gear, Baz Blue and Street Fighter. A few older games can be found here too.
  • 4F: VS and Online Games. These are modern era competitive and online games in the vein of the Mobile Suit Gundam EXVS series as well as more modern fighters which offer online competition, such as Tekken 7.
  • 5F: Card game floor. Here you will find a wide selection of interactive card games (not traditional trading card ones), such as Lord of Vermillion and Gundam Tri-Age, as well as kid-oriented card games.

Tokyo Leisure Land might not be the biggest arcade centre in Akihabara, but surely offers a very interesting variety of present day arcade machines and it’s usually less crowded than its competitors found along the main street. Moreover, events and competitions are regularly held, so be sure to check out their twitter feed in order to be informed about them.


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