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Even if it’s widely considered as a geek mecca, Akihabara has become one of Tokyo’s main tourist attractions thanks to its incredibly large and varied amount of shops, colourful streets, huge department stores and delicious restaurants. A one day trip to Tokyo’s Electric Town can give a basic idea of the neighborhood, but one will probably miss out potentially interesting spots hidden among hundreds and hundreds of shops in its alleys. That’s why we’ve prepared a complete Akihabara Guide.

Now you can make the most out of your trip to Akihabara with Akihabara Explorer! Just tell us your interests,  what you’re looking for, what you’d like to see or your favourite type of food and we’ll show you where to go. Even if a shop is hidden in a back alley or in the 8th floor of a building signaled only in Japanese, we’ll show you where it is, how it looks and how to get there.

Akihabara Explorer features a database of over 400 spots, categorized and documented, so you won’t miss anything this amazing neighbourhood has to offer: retro gaming goods, anime and manga related merchandise, cosplay items, consumer electronics, photography and video products, ramen restaurants… all of the magic of Akihabara is here, in Akihabara Explorer: the ultimate Akihabara Guide.

New to Akihabara? Now worries, get some general information about the neighbourhood at Wikitravel’s Entry and then head to our homepage to start exploring Tokyo’s Electric Town in detail!


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